Wesley Center Crisis Nursery Is Closed

NORFOLK - After 14 years of providing emergency care to displaced children in the Norfolk area, the Wesley Center Crisis Nursery has closed its doors. Director Tracy Olson says the state is no longer placing children in center’s like the Crisis Nursery, and they have not had a state placement since February 1st. Olson says her board made the decision on July 8th to close the facility’s doors. Olson says the state policy now is to place children in foster homes immediately, rather than using an intermediate placement while an appropriate foster home is found. She says she is concerned about stories that children are left in police stations or Health and Human Services offices all day until a foster home opens up. Olson says the Norfolk community has been very supportive of the Wesley Center Crisis Nursery in the past, and she hopes once again provide services to children and families in the future.