Water Tower Demolition Included in Budget

NORFOLK - Demolition of the water tower on 25th Street in Norfolk is included in the budget for the coming year.  At a budget review session last week, City Water and Sewer Director Dennis Watts asked for $30,000 to take down the water tower and $200,000 for areplacement communication tower.  Watts told the council that a one million-gallon reservoir built in 1996, and that the water tower has been used in recent years as a communication tower.  Watts says the demolition will probably not take place until late in the fiscal year.  He says his division has several large projects this year, including extending sewer service south of the Elkhorn River and the Northeast Industrial project.  He says of the $5.5 million budget for sewer maintenance, about $4.7 million is for capital improvement projects.  All of the water and sewer budgets are paid for through user fees and special assessments.  No tax dollars are used for the projects.  Watts said no rate increases are planned this year for water or sewer.