Two Disturbance Calls Involve Homeless Individuals

NORFOLK - Norfolk Police responded to two calls early Saturday morning involving homeless individuals causing disturbances in residential areas. Captain Mike Bauer reports that officers were called to the apartment building at 901 Syracuse about 1:24 Saturday morning where a man was reported threatening residents with a fire extinguisher, disturbing the peace and taking items from a car that was not his. Bauer says 41-year-old Myron Mesteth was arrested for theft and disturbing the peace. About two hours later, officers were called to the 900 block of 13th Place where several 911 callers had reported a female attempting to start fights with people. Bauer says 24-year-old Rhonda Mora was taken into custody after attempting to get into the house at 923 South 13th Place. She faces charges of criminal trespass and obstructing a police officer. Both Mora and Mesteth were housed in the Norfolk City Jail before being transferred to the Madison County Jail.