Tax levies down across Madison County

 MADISON - Tax levies are down in all of the communities of Madison County. The County Board, sitting as a Board of Equalization, certified the levies Tuesday.  For Norfolk residents, the consolidated levy, including all government subdivisions that levy a property tax within the city limits, will be 2.07 cents per hundred dollars of valuation. Last year’s levy was 2.117 cents.  The highest consolidated levy in the county is in Tilden, where residents will pay 2.38 cents per hundred dollars of valuation. The lowest levy is Newman Grove’s 1.65 cents.  The Norfolk City Levy of .269 cents per hundred dollars of valuation includes the city itself, airport authority and Norfolk sanitary. The consolidated levy of 2.07 cents includes taxes paid to the city, school district, county, ESU 8 , Lower Elkhorn NRD, Madison County Ag Society, Northeast Community College and the Railroad Transportation District.

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