Survey Shows Strong Support for Library Project

NORFOLK - For several months, staff and board members of the Norfolk Public Library have been talking with citizens about the need to renovate and expand the nearly 40-year-old building, and it appears that people are listening.  At Monday night’s meeting of the City Council, Chris Peterson of PC Strategies, LLC, presented results of a voter survey conducted by the Norfolk Public Library Foundation. Peterson says the survey found that 77-percent of likely voters have heard of the proposal and nearly as many support the project.  Peterson said the survey was conducted from July 7th to the 12th, and included 511 likely voters from all parts of the city and all demographics. Twenty-five percent of the respondents were cell-phone contacts.  Peterson says support was stronger among women voters and those with young children in the household.  The proposal is to renovate the existing space, build an addition and provide more parking space. The project would be paid for through a half-cent sales tax, and would be paid off in about 30 months.