Solid Waste Transport Costs Increase

NORFOLK - It will cost the city of Norfolk about $50 more for each load of solid waste it hauls to the coalition landfill near Clarkson, and that cost increase may be passed on to consumers in the future.  Water Pollution Control Plant Manager Todd Boling told the mayor and city council at Tuesday’s meeting that current contractor, Valley View Trucking chose to terminate the current contract calling for $137 plus a fuel surcharge for each round trip last fall and the current contract expires next month.  The city let bids for a new contract and once again, Valley View offered the low bid, this time for $188 per round trip.  Boling said the city made more than 1,800 of those round trips last year, an average or more than five per day.  The council voted unanimously for the mayor to execute a contract with Valley View for the $188 amount. 


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