Several Cars from Pierce Auto Auction Up for Sale Again

PIERCE (AP) Some of the vintage cars that sold at a September auction in Pierce are up for sale again, after the bidders backed out.  One New York bidder who bought 14 cars at the Lambrecht Chevrolet auction defaulted on the deal, claiming a truck driver disappeared with his money.  Auction organizers say one Nebraska buyer apparently died before a sale was completed. Another person admitted to lying about a promise to pay, and a buyer from Illinois has not responded to repeated phone calls.  Auctioneer Yvette VanDerBrink says she is accepting online bids on 18 holdover vehicles. The vehicles up for bid include a 1949 Chevy pickup, a 1957 Chevy wagon, seven Impalas and a Corvair with 1.7 miles on the odometer.