Seatbelt Survivor Car on Display by High School

NORFOLK - The Nebraska State Patrol continues to drive home the point that “seatbelts save lives,” and a car is on display in Norfolk this week to help demonstrate that point.  State Patrol Trooper Bill Price says the car – called the “seatbelt survivor vehicle” – is on display along 6th Street on the west side of Norfolk Senior High.  Price says the car was involved in a Pierce County accident several years ago in which there were fatalities – but the passengers in this particular vehicle survived because they were wearing seatbelts.  The display is part of an ongoing effort by two senior high students, Taylor Ewald and Brooke Gettman, to bring attention to the problem of distracted driving. The girls attended a teen distracted driving summit in Washington, D.C. earlier this year and plan to hold a Nebraska state summit in Norfolk in April.