Rosberg Pleads Guilty, Some Charges Dropped

LINCOLN  (AP) - A 62-year-old northeast Nebraska man has made a deal with prosecutors and pleaded guilty to allegations that he sold uninspected meat to Omaha schools. Paul Rosberg, of Randolph, pleaded guilty on Friday. The deal ensures he won't be sentenced to more than 18 months in prison. In return for the plea, federal prosecutors agreed to drop a charge that Rosberg tried to have two witnesses killed and obstructed justice. Prosecutors also agreed to reduce the charge against Rosberg's wife, Kelly Rosberg, to a misdemeanor. Paul Rosberg agreed to dismiss lawsuits he's filed against three witnesses. Court records say the Rosbergs' company, Nebraska's Finest Meats, sold 2,600 pounds of ground beef labeled USDA inspected to Omaha schools in fall 2011. It hadn't been inspected.

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