Randolph Man Honored for "Idea of the Month"

RANDOLPH - Early last year, Randolph farmer Mike Korth visited his local welding shop and asked the owner/operator for a piece of pipe.  Korth needed something that would slide over the top of an irrigation column Korth used to secure his worktable.  The welding shop didn't have the pipe he was loooking for, but it did have something else: old brake drums.  Korth took out a tape measure and found that the drums, when stacked on top of each other were the perfect size for what he needed.  The drums cover the bottom of an irrigation column that’s attached to both the floor and ceiling.  A metal table, which rotates around the column, sits on top of the drums and holds a drill press, a cut-off wheel, a steel saw and a bench grinder.  Korth’s improvisation earned him “Idea of the Month” honors for January from “Successful Farming” magazine, along with $2,500 of in-store credit from Firestone.  Korth farms with his younger brother Mark and cousin Ed Lammers.  He also serves as ex officio director for the Nebraska Soybean Board.