Police Warn of Text Scam

NORFOLK - The Norfolk Police Division has issued a warning for citizens about a text scam operating in the Midwest. Captain Michael Bauer says the unsolicited text message directs the victim to a dummy web site where they have allegedly won a $1,000 gift card to a major chain store. But there is no gift card, and the web site is used to get personal information about the victim and other friends and relatives. Bauer says just responding to the text confirms that your cell number is real, and scammers then sell that information the black market to other scammers. Bauer says the best thing to do is to ignore the text message and immediately contact your cell phone provider, asking them to block the scammer from sending you any further messages. Bauer says there have been no reports of the scam in Norfolk yet, but Omaha Police have had reports of the scam using a web site with the Target store logo on it. Target officials are working to have the Target name removed from the bogus website.