Planning Commission Recommends Zoning Change

NORFOLK - The Norfolk City Planning Commission has recommended a zoning change for a piece of property being annexed by the city.  At this week’s meeting, the Commission held hearings on changes to the comprehensive plan and zoning for the property at 1920 Glenn Street, owned by Brian Gibbs. The property was in the county industrial district and zoned !-3. Gibbs asked to have the zoning changed to I-1, light industrial. He says he did not realize the property was not properly zoned for a retail business.  The property is the former home of Arkfeld Manufacturing. It now is leased by Producers Hybrid and Bronco Connections.  At this week’s City Council meeting, second round approval was given to annex the property into the city limits. One more vote is needed to adopt the ordinance. The Council must also vote on the Planning Commission recommendation for the change in the comprehensive plan and zoning.