Only Republicans Have Filed for 2014 Madison County Races

MADISON - Two of the three Madison County Commissioner seats are up grabs in 2014 and both will be contested in the May 13th Republican primary.  Louis Pofahl of Norfolk and Ron Schmidt of Humphrey will square off for the District 1 seat.  Current District 1 Commissioner Jerry McCallum is not seeking re-election.  Meanwhile, Jim Prauner of Battle Creek is challenging incumbent Lee Klein of Norfolk for the District 3 seat.  Four county officials have filed for re-election and are unopposed, at least for now.  They are Sheriff Vern Hjorth, Register of Deeds Nancy Gross, Surveyor LaVern Schroeder and Treasurer Donny Primrose.  Monica Rotherham is the sole candidate for the Clerk of the District Court, a position currently held by Marjorie Schaeffer.  And Matthew Headly of Norfolk is challenging incumbent Kyle Melia, also of Norfolk in the race for Public Defender.  Incumbents must file re-election by February 18th.  Challengers have until March 3rd.