NRD Committee to Discuss Declining Groundwater

NORFOLK- Some areas of the Lower Elkhorn Natural Resources District experienced declining water levels during irrigation season, and a subcommittee will meet tomorrow night to discuss that problem. NRD Water Resources Manager Rick Wozniak says water conservation is the best way to deal with these in-season declines, but the summer of 2012 presented a special challenge in an area between Norfolk and Madison, southern Pierce County and in Wayne County. Wozniak says the Program Subcommittee is being asked to recommend the use of flow meters in those areas. Wozniak says NRD staff is also recommending that no new irrigated acres be allowed in the district at this time. Wozniak says two subcommittees are meeting tomorrow night. The first is the Projects Committee, and that meeting begins at 7. He says the meeting of the Program Subcommittee, which will deal with the water management issue, will follow the Project Committee meeting, and he anticipates it will start about 7:30. Subcommittees take no binding action. They only make recommendations to the full NRD board, which will meet next Thursday.