Northeast Focuses on Student Success

The focus of several meetings being held on the Northeast Community College campus this week is student success - and a signing ceremony was held yesterday to formalize the commitment to helping students achieve success. Dr. Rod Risley is the executive director of Phi Theta Kappa, an organization that recognizes and acknowledges scholarship among students at 2-year colleges. He says there are several things that lead to high graduation rates - including the high number of full time students and full time faculty members in Nebraska. Risley says there are also other things that contribute to student success. Risley says making classes available in a variety of ways and a variety of settings also helps students graduate. Northeast Community College President Mike Chipps says that's one of the strengths of community colleges. Chipps says Northeast's graduation rate is 49 percent, the highest of the state's community colleges. But he says he would like to see every student achieve the goal of graduation.