Norfolk Police Warn of Phone Scam That Targets Grandparents

NORFOLK - When the phone rings in the middle of the night, it is never good news. And scammers rely on that instinct as they target grandparents in a con being reported in Northeast Nebraska.  Norfolk Police Captain Mike Bauer says the caller usually claims to be a grandchild who has been arrested, often in another country, and always in need of money immediately.  And Bauer says social media make it easy to glean information about potential victims.  Bauer says the scammers ask for money to be wired, often to a foreign country. They tell the grandparents to “not tell mom and dad because it will only upset them.” Bauer says sometimes the caller pretends to be a police officer, lawyer, doctor or other person calling on behalf of the grandchild.  And he says he has also heard of scammers calling military families, claiming that something has come up during military leave that requires money to address.  Bauer recommends always contacting the parents or child who is allegedly making the call, and then calling local law enforcement for assistance. Under no circumstances, Bauer warns, should you wire money based on one phone call.

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