Norfolk Man Arrested for Protection Order Violation

NORFOLK - A Norfolk man has been arrested for violating a protection order against his former girlfriend.  Norfolk Police responded to a call a little after 9:00 last (Wednesday) night.  The caller reported that her ex-boyfriend had been by her residence three times honking his car horn and had been constantly calling and texting her for a couple of days.  The protection order stipulated that the man was not to have any contact with the woman.  At around 10:15 the an officer located the man’s vehicle and initiated a traffic stop.  The driver was identified as Joel Delacruz, age 24 of Norfolk.  Along with the protection order violation, Delacruz was cited for driving under the Influence of Alcohol – 2nd Offense and Refusal to Submit to a Chemical Test.  Delacruz was transferred to the Madison County Jail.    

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