Norfolk District Begins to Digets NeSA Numbers

NORFOLK - The Nebraska Department of Education has released the latest Nebraska Statewide Accountability – or NeSA  – results for reading, math and science, and the new Director of Teaching and Learning at Norfolk Public Schools is generally pleased with the numbers. Beth Nelson says her first impression of the results released today is that students in the Norfolk District are making progress – but she also plans to look more deeply at the numbers. Nelson says reading and math proficiency in grades four and five have increased as much as seven percent. She urges parents to look at their child’s individual results in relation to last year’s scores. She says if a child has improved, the parent needs to recognize the hard work that has gone into that improvement. And if scores are down from last year, Nelson suggests a conversation with the student to determine if something might have affected this year’s numbers. Anyone with questions about the NeSA results is urged to call Nelson at 402-644-2508 or e-mail  her at