Norfolk Chamber President to Testify about Impact of Keystone Pipeline

NORFOLK - A Congressional subcommittee will discuss the controversial Keystone XL project next week – and a representative from Norfolk will be there, testifying about the original Keystone pipeline located just east of Norfolk. Dennis Houston, president and CEO of the Norfolk Area Chamber of Commerce, has been asked to testify Thursday before the House Energy and Commerce Committee’s subcommittee for Commerce, Manufacturing and Trade, chaired by Nebraska Second District Congressman Lee Terry. Houston says he will talk about the positive impact of the pipeline on the Norfolk area – both short term and long term. He says the original Keystone pipeline brought 750 temporary jobs to Norfolk, making it the area’s third largest employer. The project had a $10-million impact on the local economy, and the workers and their families also became valuable members of the community, helping out many non-profit organizations in and around Norfolk. Taxes on pumping stations along the Keystone route in Stanton County are being used to help build the Northeast Industrial Highway north of Norfolk. Houston will also talk about the Keystone impact at Wednesday morning’s  Nebraska breakfast.