New Type of Floodwall Tested in South Sioux City

SOUTH SIOUX CITY - A product being used to help fight the flooding in the Sioux City area could eventually be used around the world. Lite Form in South Sioux City makes insulated concrete forms, that are normally used for basement walls, but have been used to pour concrete for floodwalls. South Sioux City Manager Lance Hedquist says they have built two dikes. The one made from earth cost $1.6 million; while the one made with Lite Form cost $28,000. Hedquist says miles of Lite Form walls can be laid in a single day; and the concrete can be reused in some instances. Hedquist says officials in South Sioux City are trying to get FEMA to allow at least part of the Lite Form floodwall to remain in place when the Missouri River returns to its banks.