Nebraska Game & Parks Commission to stock channel catfish in TaHaZouka Park Lake

NORFOLK - The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission will stock about 100 channel catfish at TaHaZouka Park Lake Wednesday, and fishermen are invited to try their luck. District Fisheries Supervisor Jeff Schuckman says these will be four-to-eight pound catfish – and some may be up to 12 pounds. They come from the Commission’s hatchery at North Platte.  Schuckman says the larger catfish are not necessarily the best eating – but they are fun to catch. He says fishermen may want to consider catch-and-release to pass the fun on to others.  Schuckman says the catfish will bite on shrimp, and he has seen lots of luck using cheap hot dogs. He says stink bait is also effective, and it’s also okay to use a wad of nitecrawlers.