Mayor, City Coucil agree to discuss sewer issues with Woodland Park officials

NORFOLK - The mayor and members of the Norfolk City Council went into executive session last Monday night  to discuss actions including potential litigation and negotiation for the mayor and council members to meet with board members of Woodland Park’s Sanitary Improvement District number 1.  In April, the city council voted unanimously to order Woodland Park to disconnect from the city’s sewer system by June of 2016.  After an hour and 15 minutes, the council returned from executive session and voted unanimously to accept the request for a meeting between SID and city council representatives.  In other council business Monday night, the body approved its staff to negotiate with Alley Poyner Macchietto Architects to conduct a space needs study for the Norfolk Public Library; approved an engineering services agreement between the City and Black & Veatch for design,construction administration and construction inspection for the Highway 81 Sewer Service Extension south of the Elkhorn River; and approved renewal of the agreement with Big Red Keno for another five-year period, which will expire in August of 2018.   

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