Man Arrested for Carrying Concealed Weapon

NORFOLK - A 23-year-old Norfolk man has been arrested for carrying a concealed weapon after residents reported a man jumping into traffic lanes with what they thought was a gun.  Police Captain Michael Bauer says Lucas Kuhl (keel) was arrested about 8:15 last night in the 1500 block of Koenigstein Avenue. Officers were called to a report that a man was jumping into the traffic lanes in the 1800 block of West Norfolk Avenue with what appeared to be a gun.  Bauer says Kuhl and Erik Baumert were located, and Baumert matched the description given by witnesses. The two men were searched, and no gun was found; but Kuhl was carrying a butterfly knife and set of brass knuckles.  Kuhl was taken to the Norfolk City Jail and later transferred to the Madison County Jail.