Madison County Board Approves '13-'14 Budget

MADISON - Another governmental subdivision has approved its budget for the 2013-14 year. At a meeting this morning, the Madison County Board of Commissioners unanimously approved a budget that represents an increase of about 2.3% in total spending. County Clerk Nancy Scheer reviewed the budget for the board and news media. She says the total amount of property tax needed to fund the budget is up about $1-million, but because of an 8.7% increase in the county’s valuation, the county’s property tax rate will only go up about .15%, meaning an increase of 63-cents in property taxes on a property valued at $100,000. Scheer also pointed out that the county property tax asking is only a small portion of the total property tax bill, and property owners will need to wait until all government subdivision budgets are complete to figure their total tax levy.