Lower Elkhorn NRD board discusses possible rule changes

NORFOLK -  A crowd of Lower Elkhorn Natural Resources District irrigators attended the meeting of the NRD’s Board of Directors Thursday night at Northeast Community College.  The board adopted several motions instructing the NRD staff to research the possibility of future rule changes and to provide proposals to the board by March 1st.  However, the chairman of the NRD’s board of directors Joel Hansen says the rules for 2014 have been set: no transfer of acres and no new wells.  But the Board will allow staff to approve variances of up to ten acres in order for a center pivot to complete a circle.  Some of the proposed rule changes include placing meters on all irrigation wells across the district and provisions that would allow people to transfer acres and add supplemental wells.   Hansen says the staff recommendations will have to go through a process of subcommittees and public hearings before the subcommittees would be able to forward them to the full board.