Local Vietnam Veteran Remembered

Veterans Day is a time for all of use to remember the men and women who have served our country, and especially those who gave their lives. For the McIntosh family in Norfolk, that means remembering a young man named Claude Van Andel who was killed by a claymore mine during the Vietnam War. Jan McIntosh Einspahr remembers Van Andel as a typical high school student. Van Andel's death is linked to the design for the Vietnam Wall memorial. He was a friend of Jan Scruggs, who founded the Vietnam Veterans Memorial and raised $8-million to build the wall. It was the search for the man he knew as "Claude from Iowa" that led Scruggs to want a memorial that includes the names of all service men and women killed in Vietnam - in the order of their deaths. J. Paul McIntosh will tell the Claude Van Andel story Monday morning at Lutheran High Northeast and again at noon to the Norfolk Kiwanis Club.