Jury Sides With Forumula Maker in Sioux City Lawsuit

SIOUX CITY, Iowa (AP) - A federal jury has ruled in favor of the maker of an infant formula that a family claimed caused severe brain damage to an Iowa girl.  The jury said yesterday (Friday) that the powdered formula manufactured by Abbott Laboratories did not lead to 5-year-old Jeanine Kunkel contracting meningitis when she was an infant. The meningitis caused brain damage.  Security National Bank of Sioux City, acting as Jeanine's conservator, sued the company nearly three years ago to seek damages to pay for the girl's future care.  Abbott Laboratories argued its products are tested for safety. A spokeswoman said the company is pleased with the verdict.  Jeanine's family says Social Security and Medicaid will continue to help pay for the girl's medical needs.

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