Jury Deliberates in Double Murder Trial

NELIGH - The jury in a double murder trial in Antelope County has the weekend off – and will resume deliberations on Monday. The Norfolk Daily News website reports that the jury deliberated about a half-hour yesterday after hearing closing arguments in the case against 33-year-old Matthew Hinrichsen of Ewing. Hinrichsen is accused of killing his former girlfriend, Victoria Lee, and her husband, Alex Vargas, and burning the trailer home where the murders occurred. Hinrichsen does not deny that he killed the couple, but he does argue that the murders were not premeditated. In closing arguments Friday afternoon, the Daily News reports that defense attorney Todd Lancaster argued that the verdict should be manslaughter, not first-degree murder. Deputy Nebraska Attorney General Corey O’Brien countered that the 911 call, where Hinrichsen can be heard telling both Lee and Vargas to die, proves premeditation. Judge James Kube concluded jury instructions at 4:34 p.m. The jury of seven men and five women then deliberated for 30 minutes before breaking for the weekend.