Insurance changes to start in two weeks

NORFOLK - One of the most important deadlines of the Affordable Care Act - - sometimes referred to as Obamacare – is two weeks away. October 1st is the day that individuals can enroll in insurance programs on the online marketplaces.  The website is, and Martin Swanson with the Nebraska Department of Insurance says it is the largest non-defense information technology project in history. J.P. Sabby says it is through the online marketplace that individuals will determine if they qualify for tax subsidies to help pay for insurance or qualify for programs like Medicaid.  Sabby and Swanson made their comments during a recent meeting for individuals and small business owners in Norfolk. They cautioned about avoiding scams. They said to be sure you are on the correct website – – and not some bogus site designed to phish for personal information. They also say that no one from the federal government will call you about insurance coverage, so don’t be fooled by phone scammers, either.