Hassebrook would change "good time" regulations

NORFOLK - One of the Democratic candidates for governor says he would change the good time policy in the state corrections system if elected.  Chuck Hassebrook says a recent situation in Omaha, where a convict released early even though he had a history of violence in prison is accused of murdering four people, has caused him to look at good time regulations. He says setting those regulations is the governor’s responsibility.  Hassebrook says he recognizes keeping violent criminals in prison longer would make the overcrowding problem in the state’s prisons even worse. To deal with that, he would like to see greater use of drug courts.  Hassebrook says 57 percent of the state’s prisoners are incarcerated for non-violent crimes, and many of them are drug related.  Hassebrook made his comments on a recent campaign stop in Norfolk. His opponent, Annette Dubas of Fullerton, will be in Norfolk tomorrow (Tuesday) for a 12:30 stop at Prenger’s Restaurant.



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