Grain Train Sending Mercy Meals to the Philippines

NORFOLK - Norfolk’s Orphan Grain Train is sending nearly 260,000 Mercy Meals to the Philippines to support humanitarian efforts for the hundreds of thousands of displaced people as the result of last week’s typhoon.  The Grain Train’s Public Relations Director Jana Inglehart says the organization can expedite the process because it has a relationship with a food distributor Kids International Ministries.  The charity already has boots on the ground in the Philippines and has experts in getting the food in the hands of the people who need it.  Inglehart says Mercy Meals include rice, soy, vegetable matter, vitamins, minerals and chicken flavoring.  The meals have been designed by a nutritionist for starving people.  The train is set to leave Norfolk Tuesday afternoon at 1:00.  Inglehart says it should take about two weeks for the shipment to arrive in Manila.  Grain Train officials are making plans for future shipments.  If you’d like to help, go to the web site and click the “donate now” icon.   

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