Governor Wants "Earned Time," not "Good Time" Law

LINCOLN  - Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman wants to make a significant change in the ways prison sentences are reduced for good behavior.  Heineman says that, under current law, the length of a violent criminal’s sentence is automatically cut in half because of the so-called “Good Time” law. "It's common sense," said the governor.  "Make them earn their good time, and those who violate it are the ones who ought to be in the prison system longer."  Heineman wants to replace “good time” with “earned time.”  The governor says there is balancing act needed to prevent prison over-crowding while protecting public safety.  The governor says we also need to look at increasing programs that keep first-time, non-violent offenders out of prison. And he supports supervised release for violent criminals to help them make the transition back into the community.