Golf Outings, Steaks Among Gifts to Governor

LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) - When you're Nebraska's governor, the gifts just keep coming.  Gov. Dave Heineman reports he received 255 gifts last year. That's an average of nearly five gifts a week.  Gifts disclosed included food, books, T-shirts and 25 free golf outings with friends, business executives and lobbyists.  Most of the gifts fell below the state's $100 reporting requirement. Four were valued at more than $1,000, including memberships at two exclusive golf clubs, according to data from the Nebraska Accountability and Disclosure Commission requested by The Associated Press.  Jack Gould of Common Cause Nebraska says the gifts should be banned because they undermine public trust.  Heineman says he golfs to relax with friends, and most of the gifts are tokens of appreciation from community groups he visits.