Game and Parks to stock Ta-Ha-Zouka Park Lake with trout

NORFOLK - Nebraska Game and Parks fisheries officials will stock two area lakes, one in Norfolk and one in Columbus tomorrow (Tuesday) with rainbow trout.  Ta-Ha-Zouka Park Lake in Norfolk is scheduled to receive 1,500 rainbow trout at approximately 10:15 Tuesday morning.  Pawnee Park West Lake in Columbus is also scheduled for 1,500 trout at about 11:30 a.m.  Most of the trout stocked will average 10 inches, but a couple hundred will be at least 14 inches to allow anglers to hook larger fish.  The trout are raised at the Grove Trout Rearing station north of Royal.  Lakes across the state are part of the commission’s seasonal trout stocking program.  Trout are stocked in selected small lakes during the fall and spring to take advantage of the cooler water temperatures and to promote fishing in urban areas.  Commission officials say the best baits to catch the trout include small spinners, salmon eggs and worms.  

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