Former Cedar County Resident Resigns from Sioux City School Board

SIOUX CITY - A former Cedar County Nebraska resident was elected September 10th  to a position on the Sioux City School Board, but has resigned before being sworn in. Shaun Broyhill says he needs to deal with a 120-day jail sentence for violating his probation on a misdemeanor theft charge related to items he sold online but failed to mail before leaving for Army National Guard boot camp. He pleaded guilty in March of 2004 and was ordered to pay more than $4,000 in restitution and placed on probation. The 120-day sentence was ordered when Broyhill violated his probation in September of 2004. Broyhill says he was not aware there was a warrant for his arrest until this week.  The warrant was issued on April 23rd – more than nine years after the original sentence on the charge of theft by deception. Broyhill is a project programmer with Great Western Casualty Company.