Feature Film To Be Shot In Northeast Nebr.

NORFOLK - An Academy award winning Hollywood director plans to shoot a feature film in Norfolk and Northeast Nebraska. Omaha native Alexander Payne announced at a morning news conference at the Norfolk Area Chamber of Commerce filming for the motion picture "Nebraska" will begin October 15th and  last for about seven weeks. He says he's been scouting the state for the right locations, looking at towns from 1,000 to 1,500 residents for filming. He especially mentioned Hooper, Plainview, Stanton and Wakefield. Payne says the production crew and actors will be based in Norfolk. Principal actors in the feature length black and white film are veteran actor Bruce Dern and former Saturday Night Live cast member Will Fortje. But Payne says several speaking parts and extras will be Nebraska residents while some younger people have a chance to be production assistants and interns.

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