Driver Cited After Milk Truck Rolls in Norfolk

NORFOLK - The driver of a semi that rolled yesterday (Tuesday) in Norfolk has been cited for reckless driving. Norfolk Police Captain Michael Bauer says 59-year-old Dean Sinz of Durland, Wisconsin was the driver of a 2000 Peterbuilt that was hauling a trailer full of milk product.  The tractor-trailer was headed south on 13th Street, turning left onto Omaha Avenue. Bauer says the liquid load in the trailer shifted, causing the semi to flip on its side, skid southeast and collide with a light pole and the traffic signal pole.  City employees were called to contain the spill until it could be collected and disposed of properly.  They remained on the scene until about 2:45 in the afternoon, when all traffic lanes were opened back up. Bauer says the semi tractor and trailer were heavily damaged, and, although they remained standing, significant damage occurred to the light pole and traffic signal pole.