Downtown Traffic Lights on September 16th Council Agenda

NORFOLK - Two traffic lights in the downtown area of Norfolk have been covered and inoperable for about four months – and the downtown merchants would like those lights turned back on.  At a meeting this morning, several members of the Downtown Norfolk Association shared their concerns about safety with City Administrator Shane Weidner. Weidner says the study of the lights came about because the signals need to be upgraded at a cost of about $12,000 per intersection. Chad Barnhart, president of the Downtown Norfolk Association, says DNA members generally want the lights restored. He says they are concerned about pedestrian safety and that shoppers feel comfortable in the downtown area. Weidner says the topic of the stoplights at the intersections of 2nd and 3rd streets with Norfolk Avenue will be discussed at the City Council’s September 16th meeting, with any decision on the matter probably not made until the Council’s October 7th meeting. He urges anyone with an opinion on what should be done with the lights to contact members of the city council or attend the September 16th meeting.

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