Congressman's Staffer to Run for Office

NORFOLK - Another member of Congressman Jeff Fortenberry’s staff is seeking an elected position in Madison County. Fortenberry’s District Director Josh Moenning was elected to the Norfolk City Council in 2012. Now Field Representative Louis Pofahl has announced plans to run for the Republican nomination for Madison County Commissioner from District 1. Pofahl says one of his priorities will be protecting property tax payers. He says the recent run up in agricultural land prices have been a benefit to the county, but any downturn could put an unnecessary burden on property tax payers.  The current District 1 Commissioner is Jerry McCallum. Candidates for county office cannot officially file for positions until December 1st. Incumbents – whether they are filing for their current office or another office – are required to file by February 15th. Non-incumbents have until March 1st to file. The Nebraska Primary Election in 2014 will be held on Tuesday, May 13th.