City Gets 11 Percent of Propert Tax Revenue

NORFOLK - Only about 11 percent of the property tax collected on a Norfolk home or business supports the city of Norfolk.  The rest is split among the Norfolk Public Schools, Madison County, Northeast Community College, Lower Elkhorn Natural Resources District and other government subdivisions.  Norfolk City Finance Director Randy Gates says that means if a homeowner pays $2,000 in porperty taxes, only $220 goes to the city.  Gates says one way the city keeps property taxes low is to ask division heads to present several budget options each year.  The Norfolk City Council has reviewed all of the division budgets, and generally approved forwarding the Level Three budget numbers which normally call for budget increases of about 3.5 percent.  Gates says that will probablymean a slight increase in the city's property tax levy - less than 2 cents per hundred dollars of valuation,

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