Cedar County man charged with hiring hit men

OMAHA -  A Cedar County man who once ran for governor of Nebraska is accused of attempting to hire two hit men to eliminate witnesses in a case against him.  Paul Rosberg was arrested for soliciting a crime of violence when he appeared in U.S. District Court in Omaha on September 11th. The indictment against him charges that he attempted to hire two brothers, Joseph Saul and Jesse Knife, to kill witnesses against him in a federal case that alleges he sold non-inspected, misbranded meats to the Omaha Public Schools. Those witnesses include Roger Anderson, Leanay Petersen and Randy Teboe.  Rosberg and his wife, Kelly Rosberg, were indicted a year ago, and their business, Nebraska’s Finest Meats in Randolph, was closed.  Rosberg ran unsuccessfully for governor of Nebraska in 2002 as a candidate for the Nebraska Party. Other members of his family, including Kelly Rosberg, have run for a variety of state offices in the past 10 years.