Bloomfield Police Officer Disciplined for Shooting Cat

BLOOMFIELD, Neb. (AP) - A Bloomfield police officer has been given a written reprimand for shooting a family cat he had trapped on city property.  Lisa Kilgore, a Des Moines veterinarian, says the 2-year-old, neutered cat belonged to her parents, who live just outside of town. The cat went missing on Jan. 13, and Kilgore says her mother confronted Officer Wally Holz on Jan. 21. He confirmed he had trapped the cat following complaints of feral cats in town, shot it and dumped its body behind a city maintenance shed.  Bloomfield Mayor Phil Schroeder said that Holz should have impounded the cat for five days to give its owners a chance to claim him.  SChroeder says it's the first time the 15-year police veteran has been disciplined.