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Do you know someone affected by cancer?

Do you know someone affected by cancer?
Show your support by honoring them with an On-Air Tribute on 106 KIX.

Send us your loved one’s name and a written dedication of approximately 40 words to honor them.  


If you’d like, include a song request to be included with your tribute.

Send your dedication along with your donation of $15 payable to Relay for Life to:

106 KIX
P.O. Box 789
Norfolk, NE 68702

Or bring your tribute to our office at:
309 Braasch Avenue, Norfolk.

For more information call (402) 371-0780.

Tributes and songs to be aired weekdays from May 9th til the Relay for Life event on June 3rd & 4th. A luminaria will be placed on our Grand Birthday Cake at the Relay for Life Event.


Divot's Announces Lynyrd Skynyrd and CCR as part of Concert Series


Beyond the tragedy, the history, the raging guitars and the killer songs, ultimately, Lynyrd Skynyrd is about an indomitable will. About survival of spirit; unbowed, uniquely American, stubbornly resolute.

Says Rossington, “We’re still standing, still keeping the music going. We wanted to do the guys who aren’t with us any more proud, and keep the name proud, too.”

Hits include: Sweet Home Alabama, Free Bird, Give me Three Steps

Happy Holidays From KIX

Thanks for joining us at the Great Easter Egg Hunt!

Christmas Blizzard Dumps 19+ Inches of Snow

 Norfolk received another inch-and-a-half of snow on Saturday -- bringing the total snowfall for the four-day blizzard to 19.1-inches. In December, Norfolk has received nearly 30 inches of snow, and more than 34 inches of snow for the year. Normal snowfall in Norfolk by the 27th of December is only 10.-6-inches -- bringing this year's snowfall to more than three times the average.

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